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Experimental Physics I - Physics of Living Matter - Prof. Dr. Matthias Weiss

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Date News
28.06.2023 NEW PAPER
F. Rehfeldt et al.,The random walker's toolbox for analyzing single-particle tracking data
Soft Matter 19, 5206-5222 (2023)
06.02.2023 NEW PAPER
L. Hauke et al., FilamentSensor 2.0 : An open-source modular toolbox for 2D/3D cytoskeletal filament tracking
PLoS One 18, e0279336 (2023)
31.01.2023 NEW PAPER
PY. Gires et al., Exploring generic principles of compartmentalization in a developmental in vitro model
Development, 150, dev200851 (2023)
20.01.2023 NEW PAPER
S.Scott et al., Extracting, quantifying, and comparing dynamical and biomechanical properties of living matter through single particle tracking
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 25, 1513 (2023)

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